I think I am quite satisfied with the ways I use technology at home because I used most of the technology in my house and I try to tinker about the devices to make the most of them. I know most of the functions they hold and I’m trying to use all the features they offered. Basically, I can use one device for several different function and ways so it is quite satisfactory.
To make me a better student, I can improve myself in exploring more technologies available to support education like trying to find software that can help me in doing schoolwork or have more tech-devices to increase my productivity. As a family member/friend, I’ll try to use communicating devices more such as Smartphone and my laptop. I can be more active in social networks throughout the Internet, participating in more group discussions, and also text more. As a citizen, I can contribute my views through the World Wide Web and see what is going on in my country and globally too. I can update myself more often with national and international news to make me a better citizen because to be honest, now I am not someone who likes to read the news and I don’t read newspapers nor watching news in the television. I consider myself as a bad citizen now, as I don’t even know what’s really happening out there, so I think  I can really improve myself in this sector if I try. As an overall person, I want to be more efficient by using the current century’s tech, keep up with the growth of technology.
It is better to do high priority things first because they are more important than the low priority ones. If we do the low priority things first, we might not have enough time to do the things that actually matter more and when we already want to do the high priority things, we are actually already wasted and tired because we already do the low priority things first. This makes us less efficient in doing the more important stuffs. This principle is very common throughout people as it is very basic but very important to know and necessary to follow. However, I’m not really applying this principle because I do more fun things before doing my work, but I really want to improve myself.
I think I am not a tech waster but not especially tech efficient too, I mean like I use an average amount of tech-devices to support me, I try to use all of them as efficient as I can, but I don’t think that it makes me a “tech-efficient” person. I also sometimes abuse the devices that I use more than more people like for example, I use my laptop too much, around 8 hours a day and I always charge it even though the battery is full, so I guess I’m wasting electricity and killing my laptop slowly. I also don’t use that much range of electronic devices to support myself.